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Tripwire IP360 with Lumeta IPsonar: Providing Unparalleled Visibility for Vulnerability Management

The Tripwire® IP360™ vulnerability management solution is now integrated with Lumeta’s IPsonar network situational awareness solution.

Customers can use Lumeta IPsonar to discover their available network space. It’s open data formats and APIs can deliver discovered network information to Tripwire IP360 for comprehensive host profiling and vulnerability scanning. The combined solution extends the reach of IPsonar’s network discovery with the depth of Tripwire IP360’s device profiling to deliver unparalleled visibility into vulnerability risk across the enterprise. IPsonar can also be used on a scheduled basis to ensure that new network connections or changes in access control are detected, and that active profiling with Tripwire IP360 is properly initiated.

Through this integration, IT organizations can achieve improved risk management, security and compliance across the entire enterprise network.

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