Simplify Event 
Monitoring with
Tripwire Log Center

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Focus on events of interest in a sea of data using complete, secure and reliable log collection.

simple & intuitive

Quickly customize rules using a Visio-like drag & drop interface.

reliable reporting

Ensure all log data is captured and retained.

real-time visibility

Customize dashboards to highlight critical events.

pre-process data

Reduce noise by filtering data prior to passing your SIEM.

Respond to What's Happening in Your Environment

Search and filter log data from multiple sources. Investigate operational outages. Correlate events with easy to build rules that identify events of interest. Gain insight into relationships between suspicious events, system changes, weak configurations, and vulnerabilities. Tripwire Log center's correlation engine automatically identifies and responds to events of interest using a logical flow of one or more conditions. Actions can include creating a work ticket, sending a notification email, or running a command. Tripwire Log Center can also integrate with Tripwire Enterprise and tripwire IP360 to detect and respond to anomalies and suspicious activities.


Log Management and Event Monitoring with Tripwire Log Center

Reliable Evidence for Compliance and Security

Ensure that you can meet regulatory requirements for log collection and retention. Store and forward log data using a lightweight agent that overcomes system failures to ensure your data is not lost. High levels of compression reduces storage demands and sustains data-transfer rates. Protect logs from alteration by saving log messages with their original format and content. Get started quickly with security solution packs for insider threats, user audit, authentication, denial of service detection, breach detection, and intrusion detection. Maintain compliance with solution packs for NERC CIP, PCI, and NIST 800-53.

Log Management and Event Monitoring with Tripwire Log Center

Filter Relevant and Actionable Data

Reduce the workload and costs associated with traditional SIEMs and security analytics solutions. Pre-filter data and identify anomalies and patterns known to be threats and early indicators of breaches. Forward only actionable and relevant data to SOC staff and third-party tools such as threat intelligence solutions. Correlation rules flag events for quick review, or you can trigger automated remediation and alerting with scripts. This reduces the need for specialized expertise and resources to create complex rules in more complex formats.


Log Management and Event Monitoring with Tripwire Log Center
Tripwire Tripwire Log Center Tripwire Log Center Screenshot Tripwire Log Center Screenshot Tripwire Log Center Screenshot Superior security log and event management with real-time intelligence and SIEM automation to quickly detect cyber threats with Tripwire Log Center.

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