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Chi-X Australia Australian Equity Trading Exchange Operator

As a self-described “innovator,” Sydney-based Chi-X Australia is turning the Australiansecurities market landscape on its head. For the first time ever, Australian investors arebeing given a compelling alternative to the ASX, the country’s predominant exchangesince the mid-1980s. Chi-X has gone from a fledging startup in 2011 to now handlingregularly up to over 29% of all on-exchange equity trades processed in Australia.

To achieve these results, Chi-X Australia maintains a clinical focus on three broadareas: quality of service, attractive pricing and execution excellence. Underpinning allthree is the selection of best-in-class solutions. The company’s IT function is a primeexample of this approach—instead of needing the several hundred personnel traditionally found in comparable organizations, Chi-X Australia employs a handful of highlyexperienced technical professionals and delivers far better service levels at a fraction ofthe cost of its competitor




We’ve gone from 0% to over 29% of Australian equity securities trading market share in just over three years; Tripwire technology is at the front and center of how we accomplished this. It substantially supports us in our desire to maintain impeccable system integrity, keep service levels high and offer very low costs.

Mike Aikins, Chief Operations and Technology Officer, Chi-X Australia


  • Identify a preeminent software provider capable of partnering to achieve very high levels of service in this highly regulated industry
  • Implement a security configuration management system designed for ease of-use and resource optimization
  • Surpass regulatory compliance in a continually disciplined and efficient manner

Following a comprehensive evaluation phase, Chi-X Australia implemented Tripwire® Enterprise to provide real-time change intelligence and reporting. The fully integrated security configuration management suite enabled the company to quickly establish a foundational baseline across the entire IT infrastructure. This is used as the reference point to continually monitor any subsequent deviations or events that could impact security or operational performance.Tripwire Enterprise provides detailed reports that highlight correlations and relationships between seemingly unrelated changes in an accessible and intuitive format, making it an ideal choice forChi-X Australia’s resource-efficient staffing model and desire for service excellence.


I view Tripwire Enterprise as a virtual staff member.It’s a focused and ruthless watchman!We have a very small group of key, strategic vendors—Tripwire is one of them.

Mike Aikins, Chief Operations and Technology Officer, Chi-X Australia


  • Enabled 360-degree visibility and detailed tracking of all change activity across entire IT infrastructure
  • Automated creation of reports identifying deviations from baseline infrastructure configuration
  • Implemented configuration hardening that exceeds industry compliance mandates
  • Facilitated business goals by deploying an enterprise configuration management solution capable of supporting the company’s objectives for extreme growth, integrity, and optimal human resource utilization
  • Continual 24/7 monitoring and intuitive, intelligent reporting enables internal team to focus solely on high value exceptions, rather than mundane grey-noise detail

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