IT Security Operations

Get Seamless Asset Discovery Across Your Network

Always know what's attached to your network. Use Tripwire's IT Security Operations to continuously discover and profile all of your network assets.


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Discover and profile all assets whether on-premises or in the cloud.

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Prioritize the highest risks on your most critical assets.

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Tripwire's expert hackers use tactical approaches to discover and exploit vulnerabilities.

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Detect “at-risk” configurations and correct them.


Discovery and Inventory

Change is constant throughout any organization, with devices constantly being added and deleted. This rate of change is dramatically accelerating in the hybrid enterprise with the addition of virtual systems and cloud deployments. Attackers are always looking for the weakest link, and will take advantage of a non-hardened or unpatched system as soon as it appears.

Tripwire discovers and inventories all of the devices connected to your physical and virtual networks. You can reduce your attack surface by removing rogue assets and managing authorized systems sooner. Tripwire uses an intelligent and non-intrusive discovery methodology that is fast, highly accurate, and scales to the largest networks. Whether it’s wired or wireless, on- or off-prem, Tripwire provides you with an up-to-date inventory using detection rules for over 2,600 device types and operating systems.

Discover Network Services and Ports

Knowing what services and ports are exposed on your network helps you proactively identify areas of exposure, vulnerability and other security weaknesses. Tripwire provides professionally-administered penetration tests—a type of ethical hacking used to regularly evaluate the security of a network. Our team of highly-skilled cybersecurity experts utilizes a combination of tactical and strategic approaches to discover and exploit vulnerabilities in your IT systems.

Tripwire helps you understand what services are running on your network by identifying which ports are open on which assets. You get a continuously updated inventory of active services so you can identify the potential security risks and take corrective action.

Identify Active Applications On Your Network

The expanding number of applications installed on devices represent an expanding attack surface. These may include unlicensed, unauthorized and out-of-date applications that pose a security risk. You need to know what applications are present so you can properly protect or uninstall them.

Use Tripwire to provide a current inventory of the active applications on your network. Tripwire provides accurate, detailed information so you can fully assess the state of the application and if corrective action is needed.

Use Tripwire to Lay the Foundations 
for your Security and Compliance Programs

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