eWay: Meeting PCI DSS compliance standards and improving change management processes

Companies began adopting the PCI DSS standard for protection of online transactional data a number years ago, and it is becoming a compliance standard throughout the world, for good reason. Cyberattacks threaten the security of consumer data everywhere and the frequency of breaches is escalating. Finding new solutions and processes to protect consumer data can mean the difference between a company that succeeds and one that does not.

Business Need

  • Meet PCI DSS compliance standards within a tight timeframe
  • Automate processes for ongoing maintenance of compliance
  • Improve efficiency of change management processes





  • Tripwire provides a fully integrated solution to manage security controls and takes advantage of automation to protect data—all while reducing costs. But the Tripwire solution is more than that. It supplies security content, context, analytics and work-flow components that help manage and leverage integrated controls in ways previously not possible. Tripwire offers best in class Tripwire® Enterprise for security configuration management and Tripwire Log Center for incident detection. With Tripwire's solutions, companies gain visibility to suspicious, unusual or unexpected behavior across the data center, the data intelligence to make prioritized business decisions, and cost-saving automation for security hardening, monitoring and mitigating risks.


  • Passed PCI DSS audit and company has remained in compliance
  • Automated manual processes, saving manpower and compliance maintenance cost
  • Proactively protected from possible security threats
  • Compliance can be used as a competitive business differentiator

Need Help Finding a Cybersecurity Solution?

Contact one of our product experts to find a solution that meets your security needs and reduces your business risk. Whether you have one or several initiatives to respond to, Tripwire ensures compliance, security, and flexible risk management solutions.