Tripwire Remote Operations

 Stop Operating, Start Analyzing

Your Tripwire implementation captures data from thousands of systems with millions of unique elements. Figuring out which configurations, security events or changes need your attention can distract from more strategic business tasks—or from using the valuable intelligence it provides to manage IT risk throughout your enterprise. So if you’d like to spend more time managing your business and less managing software, Tripwire Remote Operations is just the ticket.


Move From Tactical to Strategic

With Tripwire Remote Operations, a Tripwire-certified team manages daily operation of your Tripwire® Enterprise, Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager, Tripwire Log Center® and/ or Tripwire IP360™ implementation, keeps it up-to-date and makes sure it’s operating optimally. Most importantly, we put critical security information in your hands when—and exactly how—you need it.

By letting us handle the day-to-day maintenance and long-term health that keeps your Tripwire implementation running smoothly, you’ll have more time to address mission-critical tasks like:

  • Measuring and reporting on your organization’s changing and evolving risk posture;
  • Maintaining hardening guidelines and perimeter security;
  • If a breach should occur, being able to quickly provide relevant forensics data to identify what changed, related security events—and how to prepare for next time;
  • Demonstrating progress toward security and compliance goals; and 
  • Reviewing only unexpected changes rather than business-as-usual changes.


No Job Too Big—or Too Small

Of course we do the smaller tasks like ensuring your implementation is always up-to-date and that important systems don’t slip through the cracks. But we can also help with more complex needs, like creating new rules to address emerging security threats, managing the health of integrations, meeting compliance and change management/ remediation goals and maintaining accurate risk profiles for monitored assets. We work closely with you to focus our efforts and expertise where they’re needed most.


No More Sleepless Nights

Because we live and breathe security and have deep expertise with Tripwire solutions, you’ll have confidence that your systems and data are continuously protected. And that means no staying up at night worrying about a breach showing up on the front pages.


What to Expect From Your Tripwire Team

Your Tripwire remote operators perform a series of daily, weekly, monthly and annual tasks. This support is provided using a combination of secure remote connections, email, and telephone, making it both convenient and cost-effective. Review the list of provided activities to learn just how your Tripwire team can help. And remember: we’re here for you, so count on us to be flexible enough to provide the help you need—the way you need it.


Stop Operating, Start Analyzing

Before starting the Remote Operations service, we update your applications and policies, apply mission-critical security rules and then co-develop your operational procedures. These steps help us best align your Tripwire implementation with your business policies and various needs. At this point, you can stop operating your Tripwire installation, and start analyzing the wealth of data it provides. Rest assured that we’re taking care of the day-to-day operational needs and long-term maintenance of your implementation, so you can reap the benefits of a secure, stable and compliant IT infrastructure.