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Security that Goes Deep and Wide Across Critical Systems

Federal security professionals are tasked with protecting agencies against attacks, detecting threats, identifying vulnerabilities, and hardening configurations while simultaneously demonstrating that critical systems are in compliance. Each of these complex processes must be executed with limited time and resources. In an ideal environment, an agency’s security solutions would enable personnel to deploy fewer tools to get the job done, and to know right out of the box—and at all times—that they are in compliance with a wide range of security policies. This is precisely how Tripwire outperforms other cybersecurity solutions.


Unmatched Depth and Breadth, Out of the Box

Tripwire® Enterprise pairs the industry’s most respected file integrity monitoring (FIM) capabilities with secure configuration management (SCM) for real time change intelligence and threat detection while ensuring continuous compliance with system hardening standards and security policies.

There are many solutions that can assess systems against configuration standards and security policies. But few combine that capability with contextual change detection, as Tripwire does. By What sets Tripwire apart from other solutions regularly evaluated by federal agencies is not just its strength in the area of FIM capabilities. Tripwire provides the largest policy content library right out of the box, which saves government customers time and resources during implementation.

Tripwire supports over 3,000 combinations of platforms and security and compliance policies, standards, regulations, and vendor guidelines. This platform and policy support includes NIST 800-53, FISMA SI-7, CMMC, DISA STIGS, and more than 40 others. We offer easy to build custom rules that allow security and IT professionals to address compliance and security issues unique to their agency without writing code.

“The policy content supplied by Tripwire means that [we] had to do minimal tuning for implementation,” said an Army customer. “Support for a broad set of platforms allows [us] to deploy fewer tools to get the job done.” Meanwhile, competitors offer “watch lists” solutions that make customers code the policies themselves. Deep Visibility, Deep Insight Tripwire provides deep, rich insight into our government customers’ current state, security posture, and activity of critical systems which need the most protection. This insight includes the ability to compare what we see against the largest library of compliance requirements and secure configuration standards. It also includes the ability to alert to unauthorized and malicious changes. Since cyber attackers must make a change sooner or later, this is a great way to detect compromise on critical systems.

Tripwire provides this type of security and compliance monitoring across a wide variety of IT and OT assets, and in a variety of environments:
  • IT assets, including servers, databases, network devices, directory services, and workstations
  • OT assets, including SCADA systems, industrial network devices (routers, switches, firewalls), PLCs, and RTUs
  • Environments, including on premises (agency environment) data centers, cloud-hosted data centers (AWS, Azure, etc.) and industrial control system environments (factories, weapons systems, building management systems, etc.)

The fact that Tripwire customers can use one tool to monitor all critical systems across enterprise servers—in many different environments—sets Tripwire apart.


Your One-Stop Shop for Policy Compliance

Tripwire Enterprise capabilities such as FIM, configuration hardening, and log management satisfy multiple security compliance requirements, including Audit and Accountability (AU) and System and Informational Integrity (SI) requirements, and are used to support Plan of Action and Milestone (POA&M) reporting.

Tripwire understands the multi-dimensional nature of the federal enterprise and provides a one stop shop for policy compliance, including:
  • Over 35,000 unique, ready to use individual tests to quickly assure system integrity and policy compliance and to proactively detect endpoint threats—no other vendor comes close to Tripwire’s depth of supporting applications on RHEL, Ubuntu, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Debian, and all versions of Windows
  • More than 50 different policy and regulation sources and support for more than 200 platforms, including Docker, OpenStack, and Amazon Web Services » The freshest policy content, continually updated by a dedicated team, so you can keep up with changing compliance requirements


The Product

Tripwire Enterprise is known for its robust FIM capabilities. Easy to read graphs identify changes by platform and show whether they were authorized or not. Changes can then be examined on a granular level to see the date, time, user, and other pertinent information— including forensic details about the specific content in a file that was changed. Tripwire Enterprise makes it possible to quickly detect any unplanned changes that affect compliance status, which may be early indicators of cyberattacks. Its Policy Manager proactively hardens systems by assessing configurations against internal and external security standards using a library of well over 3,000 combinations of compliance policies and platforms.


Tripwire enables government agencies to effectively and efficiently keep up with changing Federal compliance standards while enhancing cybersecurity, including:

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