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Tripwire Industrial Visibility and ICS Network Monitoring

Automated ICS Network Monitoring for Maximum Uptime

Digitalization initiatives have transformed enterprises, causing once isolated operational technology (OT) networks to become interconnected with their information technology (IT) counterparts. The result is the rise of converged IT-OT corporate networks that IT security teams are increasingly responsible for protecting. The challenge is the OT portions of these networks typically comprise proprietary protocols and unfamiliar assets, making them incompatible with IT security tools and invisible to IT security teams.

Tripwire® Industrial Visibility was designed to overcome this challenge by extending the same controls IT security teams utilize for minimizing risk in IT environments to OT environments.

These controls cover:
  • Automatically discovers and manages OT assets
  • Network zoning and segmentation
  • Known and zero day threat and anomaly detection
  • Exact match vulnerability detection
  • Change detection
  • Log management
  • Managed services
  • Firewall integration
  • Monitors changes to process values
  • Asset Management

Asset Management

Tripwire Industrial Visibility, powered by Claroty, leverages the broadest and deepest OT protocol coverage in the industry and unmatched passive, active, hybrid, and integrated scanning capabilities to provide comprehensive OT visibility and asset management controls. Tripwire Industrial Visibility offers a high caliber of visibility across all three OT dimensions integral to effective risk calculation and reduction:

  1. Asset visibility: This encompasses virtually every asset on an OT network, including serial networks, as well as extensive attributes about each asset, including model number, firewall version, and card slot, among others.
  2. Session visibility: This includes OT network sessions along with their bandwidth, actions taken, changes made, and other details relevant to OT network sessions.
  3. Process visibility: This includes tracking of OT operations, as well as the code section and tag values of processes with which OT assets are involved.


Threat and Anomaly Detection

Tripwire Industrial Visibility utilizes five detection engines to automatically profile all assets, communications, and processes in OT networks, generate a behavioral baseline that characterizes legitimate traffic and weeds out false positives, and alerts users in real time to anomalies and both known and zero day threats.

OT specific threat intelligence: Tripwire Industrial Visibility includes OT-specific threat intelligence that is updated in real time to support swift detection of malware related threats.

Contextual alert risk scoring: This single metric is based on the unique context in which each alert is triggered, enabling users to easily filter out false positives and quickly understand and prioritize alerts for triage and mitigation.

Root cause analysis: This feature groups all events related to the same attack or incident into a single alert, providing a consolidated view of the chain of events, as well as a root cause analysis. The result is a higher signal to noise ratio, fewer false positives, reduced alert fatigue, and thus more efficient and effective triage and mitigation.


Network Segmentation

The extensive OT visibility Tripwire Industrial Visibility provides enables it to automatically map and virtually segment OT networks into virtual zones, which are logical groups of assets that communicate with each other under normal circumstances.

  • Cross zone violations yield real time alerts that are automatically scored based on risk to help security teams prioritize
  • Customers without existing physical or logical segmentation can use virtual zones as a cost effective alternative
  • Customers seeking to implement physical or logical segmentation accelerate such initiatives using virtual zones as the blueprint
  • Customers can integrate Tripwire Industrial Visibility with their existing firewalls and network access control (NAC) products to proactively enforce policy based segmentation and mitigate active attacks


Vulnerability Management

Tripwire Industrial Visibility automatically compares each asset in an OT environment to an extensive database of insecure protocols, configurations, and other vulnerabilities tracked by Tripwire, as well as to the latest common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE) data from the National Vulnerability Database. As a result, users can identify, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities in OT environments more effectively.

Exact-match vulnerabilities: The complete OT visibility, including granular details about each asset, provided by Tripwire Industrial Visibility facilitates easy and accurate identification of exact-match vulnerabilities.

Attack vector mapping: This feature identifies and analyzes all vulnerabilities and risks in an OT environment to automatically calculate the most likely scenarios in which an attacker could compromise the environment. It also provides mitigation recommendations for each scenario.

Risk-based prioritization: All vulnerabilities are automatically evaluated and scored based on the unique risk they pose to each OT environment, enabling more efficient and effective prioritization.


Log Management

Your instance of Tripwire Industrial Visibility comes bundled with Tripwire LogCenter®, a powerful aggregation tool with built in intelligence that inspects logs for devices and IP addresses. Tripwire LogCenter gives you granular asset discovery on an ICS scale, and it does so without interfering with plant performance, unlike other asset discovery solutions on the market.

Tripwire LogCenter helps you get started quickly with security solution packs for the following situations:
  • Insider threats
  • Breach detection
  • DDoS detection
  • Authentication
  • User audits
  • Intrusion detection

Tripwire LogCenter integrates with your existing infrastructure, including Hirschmann switches and Tofino security appliances, and includes a growing library of available correlation rules, empowering your team to monitor, detect and quickly respond to threats in your environment. It can also find industrial network misconfigurations by highlighting master clock sync issues, duplex mismatches, and CRC errors with not only your Hirschmann switch infrastructure, but with other switch vendors as well. This also drives maximum uptime and efficiencies throughout your industrial control networks.


Additional Deployment Methods

Managed Services

Tripwire ExpertOpsSM Industrial is a managed services version of Tripwire Industrial Visibility. A single subscription provides personalized consulting from trained experts and hands-on tool management to help you achieve and maintain compliance and critical asset security. It gives stretched security teams an alternative to the difficult process of purchasing, deploying, and maintaining products.

Ongoing support: You’ll be matched with a designated Tripwire expert who serves as an extension of your team by providing personalized advice, incident assistance, and audit support. You’ll receive recommendations and organizational grading to maximize the value of Tripwire Industrial Visibility, as well as regular alerts and reports in your inbox.

System transparency: How can your security team prioritize which system changes to address if they don’t have deep visibility—let alone a detailed understanding of which changes are relevant? Tripwire ExpertOps Industrial provides you with security and compliance visibility.

Firewall Integration

The sensor technology of Tripwire Industrial Visibility is now embedded within the Hirschmann EAGLE Firewall. This makes it so you don’t need to set up a SPAN or mirror port on your switch. Take advantage of more out-of-the-box functionality and less setup effort. The Hirschmann multiport EAGLE40 next generation firewalls expedite intrusion detection using DPI and SPI for hardened cybersecurity under the stringent conditions of today’s industrial environments.

Tripwire Industrial Edge

Tripwire Industrial Visibility now has multiple deployment options to gather data. Tripwire Industrial Edge is a simple, flexible data collector that provides complete visibility in a matter of minutes—with no need for network changes, reconfigurations, installation, or sensors. It can be deployed on-premises or via SaaS to safely reveal in-depth details of industrial assets. This creates a quick and thorough inventorying process that can take place from anywhere.


Scalable Management and Analytics

The Tripwire Management Hub supports multi-site Tripwire Industrial Visibility deployments with centralized data, analytics, and administrative controls. It can be deployed either on-premises or in the cloud. Highlights include:

  • Analytics & Reporting: In multi-site installations, each server sends data directly to the management console for aggregation and display, providing the operator with a consolidated, cross-site view of assets and their data.
  • Centralized Alert Management: The console enables users to receive and respond to alerts from across multiple Tripwire Industrial Visibility sites, including those that are triggered by remote session activity via secure remote access.



Tripwire Industrial Visibility provides extreme visibility, continuous threat and vulnerability monitoring, and deep insights into industrial control system networks. It’s specifically designed to verify safe, secure and reliable operations in complex multi-vendor industrial networks—ensuring no impact to the underlying operational processes along with improved cyber resiliency. It extracts precise details about each asset on the industrial network, profiles all communications and protocols, generates a fine grain behavioral baseline, and alerts you to network changes, threats and new vulnerabilities.

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