Tripwire FISMA Compliance - Achieve & Maintain Compliance with Federal Standards

Tripwire provides you the updated controls and assessment capabilities to keep up with changing compliance requirements while combating cyberattacks.

NIST 800-53

This fundamental FISMA guide provides detailed security control requirements for federal systems to be certified and accredited. Meeting and maintaining compliance to this core regulation can be challenging. Tripwire provides both key security controls and the means to monitor compliant status though continuous monitoring and workflow support of Plan of Action and Milestones (POAM).

FedRAMP/Cloud Support

FedRAMP is a program designed to help federal organizations move FISMA type certification into the cloud. It offers standardized, reusable certification of implementations of specific services by specific cloud providers. Tripwire’s ability to support hybrid physical and virtual environments provides the means for agencies to use Tripwire as part of their data center consolidation and FedRAMP environments.

Meet Federal Compliance Requirements with Tripwire

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