SOX Compliance Automation

Make your next SOX audit faster and more efficient with Tripwire

A Unified Security Solution for Financial Services

Customers expect trustworthiness from their financial institutions. The stakes are high, so creating successful, integrated cyber defenses are critical. Tripwire solutions help reduce the cybersecurity threat gap, prevent breaches, detect attacks in real-time, and minimize damage if and when a breach occurs.


Continuously maintain a trusted state by measuring changes against a secure baseline.


Generate customizable, audit-ready reports for any point in time.


See suspicious changes and remediate compliance problems right away.


Use out-of-the-box policies for Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology.

Key Capabilities

Customizable, audit-ready reporting

Broad support of server operating systems, POS systems, virtual systems, cloud-based assets, network devices, directory servers and databases

Award-winning multi-policy management

Why Choose Tripwire for SOX Compliance?

SOX requires all publicly-held companies to establish internal controls for financial reporting. We have a proven record of helping companies achieve and maintain SOX compliance.

Work with the Compliance Expert

Tripwire has extensive experience not only with SOX/COBIT but also PCI, NERC, HIPAA, and FISMA standards. Use our professional services team to tailor a solution that meets your specific compliance needs.

Always Be Audit-Ready

Tripwire helps you continuously maintain a compliant system state post-audit. You’ll be able to know your exact compliance level at any point in time—audit or not.

Automate SOX Compliance

Automated foundational controls are essential to comply with SOX and reducing the risk of fraud. Tripwire Enterprise monitors systems and offers out-of-the-box change audit reporting and a library of COBIT configurations.

Compliance as a Managed Service

If your team is too busy to run your compliance solutions, you can opt for Tripwire’s managed service, Tripwire ExpertOps. You’ll work with a designated compliance expert who will run your solution at peak performance using proven security controls.

Tripwire Solutions for SOX Compliance

Tripwire Enterprise

Tripwire® Enterprise pairs the industry’s most respected FIM with security configuration management (SCM) to provide real-time change intelligence and threat detection. For the compliance officer, it delivers proactive system hardening and automated compliance enforcement—resulting in a reduction of audit cycles and cost.

  • Real-time change detection
  • Automated compliance
  • Extensive integrations

Tripwire ExpertOps

Tripwire ExpertOps delivers a cloud-based managed services model of the industry’s best SCM and VM. A single subscription includes personalized consulting from trained experts and hands-on tool management to help you achieve and maintain PCI compliance and critical asset security.

  • Cybersecurity and compliance as a managed service
  • Customized service plan and progress reports  
  • Supplements your team with a dedicated expert

Case Study


Learn how a global telecommunications company maintained SOX compliance and elevated its change management process with Tripwire Enterprise. Before introducing Tripwire into its environment, it was already taking advantage of ServiceNow to keep DevOps processes running at top speed. But they didn’t have an automated, reliable way to monitor change approvals and reconciliations. In addition to quickly seeing process improvements, the company can now identify application owners that aren’t following the change control process.

Policy Compliance With Tripwire


See how Tripwire enables you to maintain a secure baseline configuration, monitor assets for deviations while automating and guiding security teams for rapid repair of non-compliant systems and misconfigurations.

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