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Industrial Cyber Security For Dummies

Industrial Cyber Security for Dummies
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"Prevention begins with understanding. It’s much easier to defend against a threat when you know what to look for."

Industrial cyber security is the process of keeping industrial control systems guarded against cyber threats — whether those threats are the work of malicious hackers or simply the byproduct of human error. Learn how to protect your organization’s assets by implementing a defense-in-depth strategy that aligns with core foundational security controls and innovative best practices designed to drastically minimize attack risk.

Organizations’ industrial networks are also increasingly enmeshed with the corporate enterprise side of operations as well, meaning negligent control systems monitoring has deeper ramifications than ever before.

Use this quick 22-page primer to quickly gain insight into the ICS concerns you should be keeping top-of-mind, as well as what steps you need to take to ensure your security solution is robust enough to stand up to mounting cybercrime threats.