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Industrial Cybersecurity Expert Tips

Are You Prepared for the Future of ICS Cybersecurity?


Tripwire 14 ICS Tips and Predictions eBook ScreenshotThe task of building and running an effective cybersecurity program is a major challenge for any complex organization, but those in charge of industrial control systems (ICS) have even more to figure out than their strictly-IT counterparts.

How can industrial organizations overcome the cybersecurity skills gap? What about the increasingly-difficult endeavor of bringing the IT and OT sides of the organization together under one unified cybersecurity mission?

In addition to these concerns, there’s the reality that ICS security is evolving quickly. Whatever challenges there are today won’t be the challenges of tomorrow. That begs the question: what will have the greatest impact on ICS security in the next 5-10 years?

We asked a number of security experts how they think these questions should be addressed.

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