Tripwire Industrial Visibility and ICS Network Monitoring

Automated ICS Network Monitoring for Maximum Uptime


Tripwire Industrial Visibility DatasheetIf you’re in charge of keeping an industrial control system (ICS) secure, you know how difficult it is to get an accurate picture of what’s happening on all your devices—especially when you’ve got both legacy and ultramodern technology at play.

Tripwire® Industrial Visibility provides ICS operators with total clarity into the devices and activity on their network. It uses deep packet inspection, change management, event logging, and threat detection to help you keep your most sensitive assets out of the reach of intruders. This solution protects against unwanted change in your OT environment, using passive scanning and detection to keep you operating at peak availability and uptime.

The Tripwire Industrial Visibility solution solves operational challenges with continuous threat monitoring and advanced logging intelligence that gives you deep, granular ICS visibility.

Download this datasheet to learn how Tripwire Industrial Visibility solves your ICS challenges by:

  • Monitoring legacy systems and commonly-used proprietary native industrial protocols
  • Analyzing your OT environment without disrupting operations using passive asset discovery
  • Employing machine learning to establish a secure baseline of normal behavior
  • Comparing your device inventory to CVEs and simulating real-world attack scenarios
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