10 Ways Tripwire Outperforms Other Cybersecurity Solutions

As a security professional, you’re tasked with protecting your organization against attacks, detecting threats, identifying vulnerabilities and hardening configurations. But in an increasingly crowded marketplace, how do you choose the right cybersecurity partner? From experience and technical innovation to security expertise, Fortra's Tripwire stands out from the competition.

Here are 10 reasons why.

#1 - Superior Integrity Monitoring 

A key component to any cybersecurity program is identifying and tracking changes, weaknesses and potential exposures, as well as their impact on your systems. Only Tripwire is built on a foundation of best-in-class file integrity monitoring (FIM) — and that’s a fact. Tripwire’s founder invented it.

What sets Tripwire apart from competitive solutions is its ability to provide depth and business context to the change data to make it comprehensible and actionable, answering not only what changed, but who changed it, as well as how and when. Tripwire’s industry leading solutions also help IT remediate unauthorized changes which reduces mean time to repair and risk and maximizes uptime.

In addition, Tripwire offers a security configuration management (SCM) solution that helps with policy, file integrity, and remediation management.

#2 - Unmatched Depth and Breadth

As your ally in integrity monitoring, Tripwire understands the multidimensional nature of the enterprise, so we offer policy support for a large variety of applications and operating systems.

Tripwire also offers over 35,000 unique, ready to use tests to quickly assure system integrity and policy compliance and to proactively detect endpoint threats. No other vendor matches Tripwire’s depth of supporting applications on RHEL, Ubuntu, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Debian, and all types of Windows.

Tripwire supports multiple regulations and compliance frameworks including PCI, ISO 27001, SOX, HIPAA, NERC CIP, NIST, CIS, and many others. Tripwire offers easy-to-build custom rules that allow you to address compliance and security issues unique to your businesses.

Tripwire also provides you the freshest policy content, so you can keep up with changing compliance requirements. No other competitor offers this level of coverage.

#3 - Unequaled Data Collection Reliability 

For those environments not requiring or allowing an agent (such as mission-critical operational technology networks), Tripwire offers an agentless option as well. Both options are exceptionally reliable, efficient, and low impact while giving customers the ability to mix and match solutions to secure their distributed environments.

And when it comes to reliable log collection and retention, Tripwire also has you covered. Our lightweight agent stores and forwards log data, ensuring your data is never lost. Logs are compressed for efficient storage in their original format and protected from alteration.

#4 - Enterprise-Aware Scalability 

One of the benefits of being around as long as we have is “growing up” with our customers as they move from startup to household name. Tripwire solutions are designed to scale and can support the largest enterprise environments, ensuring that your cybersecurity defenses can scale to meet your changing needs.

Tripwire's architecture captures a baseline and reports on the delta only, which allows the system to scale to the largest environments without having a bloated database. Our asset tagging capability allows for sharing of common attributes to easily set up reports and notifications without any overhead.

#5 - Founding Controls that Assure Integrity  

As the basis of your cybersecurity infrastructure, integrity is a key component of the “CIA Triad,” along with confidentiality and availability. Implementing Tripwire solutions provides the solid foundation upon which additional security and compliance controls can be layered.

The Center for Internet Security's CIS Controls are a prioritized list of actions aimed at reducing risk against real-world threats. Only Tripwire’s integrated solutions address most of the 18 Controls — establishing solid protection against the most common attacks. You can achieve coverage for some of the other CIS Controls with complimentary solutions in the Fortra portfolio. 

#6 - Tightly Integrated Product Suite 

Driven by customer demand, Tripwire has expanded beyond its initial file integrity monitoring capabilities to offer a complementary set of tools that work together to provide a logical set of security, compliance and IT operational controls.

These tools together provide more than the sum of their parts, sharing critical security information that enables you to form a more holistic understanding of what’s happening within your infrastructure. For example, changes made to an asset can immediately trigger a compliance reassessment to determine if the change has resulted in taking you out of compliance. A newly discovered asset on your network can trigger a vulnerability scan and prompt a Tripwire agent deployment. Or you might detect a potential cyberattack and then find out which assets are vulnerable to that attack.

As a single source, Tripwire ensures infrastructure interoperability while delivering a core set of integrated cybersecurity controls that is unique in the industry.

#7 - Smooth Integration with Your Security Ecosystem

The Tripwire solution set is designed to provide a foundation for your security and compliance program, but it is only one piece. Equally important is Tripwire’s ability to integrate and share information with other tools and applications. Tripwire uses a collaborative approach to align its solutions with your existing environment.

Tripwire integrates with other vendors who offer SIEM, network security, ITSM, identity management, threat intelligence, operational technology, and more. Tripwire offers standard integrations with Splunk, ArcSight, QRadar, ServiceNow, FireEye, Cisco, and many others, while our cross-platform and partner ecosystem integration solutions give you broad coverage from an expanded set of security controls.

#8 - Best Risk Prioritization and Business Context

Information combined with relevance leads to insight — and that insight ultimately leads to smarter and faster business decisions. Tripwire adds context to your business strategy and cybersecurity needs, scoring and prioritizing the risk, changes, and potential issues that matter most to you, then bringing them front and center.

Tripwire risk scoring allows you to identify which vulnerabilities are the most severe based on the ease of exploit, the privilege an attacker will get upon successful exploitation, and the age of the vulnerability. This information can then be combined with the business context to provide more meaningful risk assessment and prioritization.

#9 - Equivalent Controls for On-Prem and Cloud 

Most legacy solutions work optimally in an on-prem environment, and most modern solutions emphasize cloud security. Tripwire’s controls work for both. The same products work in both environments, while feature extensions have been added to support new cloud elements and modern cloud flexibility.

No matter what combination your environment uses, with Tripwire you’ll get industry-leading security configuration management, trusted vulnerability management, and dependable log management and collection. So, you can take responsibility for your security, compliance and operational controls today, and as your needs evolve.

#10 - We're 25 Years Strong ... and Counting 

In the tech world, you don’t last decades unless you know what you’re doing. Tripwire is built on a solid foundation of innovation, deep security expertise, and products that deliver.

Tripwire was founded in 1997, and in the years that followed, Gene and his growing team of cybersecurity experts built a strong reputation while investing heavily in ongoing research and innovation. As a result, Tripwire now holds over 65 patents.

That kind of experience gives Tripwire an unparalleled level of cybersecurity know-how and insight — along with the ability to offer unmatched guidance to over 1,600 customers worldwide.


Those are just 10 of the reasons that thousands of organizations and government agencies trust Tripwire for their cybersecurity.

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