Connecting Security to Business Context

Tripwire delivers IT-efficient solutions to maximize security performance and align security with business needs

Security Automation

Save time and money for both IT Security and IT Operations with automated, multi-user remediation workflow, and demonstrate business value through security performance.

Business Context

Executive dashboards deliver business-relevant views of your security posture and demonstrate your security program to non-technical business executives. Identify weaknesses that create the most risk and prioritize your security actions.

Enterprise Integrations

Integrate with incident management systems, IDS/IPS, CMDBs or SIEMs to enable early detection of threat or breach activities and a complete view using your entire security ecosystem.

Leveraging IT Operations Change Controls to Improve Security and Compliance


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Tripwire Enterprise Integration Plug-in for Remedy AR System

Tripwire® Enterprise delivers a comprehensive security configuration management suite where Policy Management, File Integrity Management and Remediation Management capabilities can stand alone—or work together in a tightly integrated SCM solution.

Feature & Benefits

Security Automation

Save time and money for both your IT Security and IT Operations processes with built-in remediation guidance and automated, prioritized, multi-user remediation workflow.

Business Context

Gain traction with built-in capabilities that share business-relevant security information across your IT governance systems. Increase awareness by providing a situational overview for security in executive dashboards.

Enterprise Integrations

Enable early detection of threats and breach activities through integration with common external management systems and workflows: CMDBs, incident response systems to create prioritized trouble-tickets, Active Directory, SIEMs and more.

Nearly all executive branch state agencies are up and being continuously monitored by IP360, generating metrics that are enterprise-wide.

Chris Buse, CISO, State of Minnesota's Office of Enterprise Technology

Our experience using it has proven Tripwire VIA to be the right choice. It's a powerful tool. There are so many possibilities and so much it can do. We want to take full advantage of it.