Log Management Solutions

All-in-One Log Management with Tripwire

Centralized log management solutions improve security, compliance, and IT operations.


Reliably and securely collect log data from devices across your organization.


Preserve and compress log data for long-term retention.


Query, filter, and classify information to quickly find what you need.


Connect the dots and forward actionable information.

Benefits of Log Management with Tripwire

Reduce network security gaps

Address compliance requirements

Improve your IT and OT operations

Log Management Across IT & OT

Modern organizations are composed of much more than traditional on-premises data centers. Tripwire goes where you go and scales along with you.


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The Tripwire log management correlation engine automatically identifies and responds to events of interest across IT networks. It filters relevant and actionable data so you can make better-informed security decisions.



Tripwire’s log management solution acts as a cyber historian for the industrial network, in that it captures and analyzes log diagnostic and cybersecurity information the helps you stay operational.

Tripwire LogCenter

Tripwire® LogCenter® provides secure and reliable log collection to add real-time intelligence to machine data, with security analytics and forensics for rapid incident detection and response. It readily integrates with your existing infrastructure and includes a growing library of available correlation rules.

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