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Get All-in-One Log Management with Tripwire

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Centralized log management enables better security, compliance, and IT operations.


Reliably and securely collect log data from devices across your organization.


Preserve and compress log data for long term retention.


Query, filter and classify information to quickly find what you need.


Connect the dots and forward actionable information.

Reduce Your Network Security Gaps

Securing your infrastructure relies on the ability to accurately determine what’s been happening in your environment. Much of this data is recorded in device logs. Logs are produced by operating systems, applications and virtually all devices. If you’re not collecting, storing and analyzing log data for every asset in your organization, you have significant gaps in your security visibility.

Tripwire Log Center securely collects, analyzes and correlates log data from all devices on your network to improve security and simplify compliance. The solution can also reduce the workload and costs associated with traditional SIEMs and security analytics solutions by pre-filtering data so that only actionable and relevant data is forwarded.

Address Compliance Requirements

Most regulations include the requirement to collect, review and retain log data. Device logs can not only provide an early indicator of attack, but provide the forensic evidence necessary to assess the nature of past security breaches. Managing the huge volume of log data generated by a typical organization can be daunting, however.

Tripwire Log Center provides everything you need to meet the log compliance requirements of most regulatory policies and industry standards. It aggregates and archives all log sources—from network devices to servers, operating systems, applications and more. Then you can generate proof of compliance using a pre-defined set of report templates specific to your compliance policy.

Improve Your Company IT Operations

The production of log data wasn’t originally intended for compliance or even security applications. A log is simply a way for a system to tell a human what it’s been doing. This information is invaluable for IT Operations to troubleshooting functional and availability problems. Without a log management system, IT staff are relegated to manually reviewing the log data from individual machines in different formats at different locations. This is a tedious, time-consuming, error prone task – if the data is still available at all.

Tripwire’s centralized log management system ensures those logs are all available in a single place, and that they’re indexed and searchable. Tripwire Log Center’s ability to easily search logs removes manual effort, saving you valuable time and increasing investigation accuracy.

Get the Industry Leading Log Management Solution

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