Protect Your Energy Infrastructure from Cyberattacks

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Oil, gas and electrical power companies need to protect their IT and OT systems from cyberattacks and operational mistakes. Protect your critical infrastructure while automating compliance with Tripwire.

Enhance systems reliability and availability

Properly implemented controls not only protect you against cyberattacks but can improve system operation and reduce downtime. Use Tripwire’s integrity monitoring solutions to create a closed-loop change management process to catch unauthorized changes. Use configuration management solutions to continuously monitor status and alert on deviations from those standards. Deploy vulnerability management solutions to identify and prioritize risks.

Strengthen the security and resilience of critical infrastructure

Energy production and distribution systems are at increasing risk of cyberattack as more process control systems become remotely accessible via standard internet protocols. Presidential Policy Directive 21 identifies the Energy Sector as one of the 16 critical infrastructure industries needing to strengthen its protections against physical or cyberattack.

Tripwire is an established leader in cybersecurity for both information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) systems. Use Tripwire to monitor status, detect potential intrusions, identify out-of-standard conditions, and quickly resolve problems.

Automate compliance with NERC and other industry standards

All energy companies have compliance requirements, but none is more demanding than the standard for bulk electric power transmission. Passing NERC audits can be extremely time consuming, repetitive and manual.

Tripwire is a proven leader in NERC CIP compliance with the NERC Solution Suite. The suite is a tailored combination of standard Tripwire products plus NERC-specific extensions and industry-experienced consultants. Use Tripwire to automate your compliance tasks and reduce the time required to meet these requirements. Choose from Tripwire’s library of 1600 policies to support additional compliance needs.

Learn How Tripwire can help Protect Your Infrastructure

Contact Tripwire’s Industrial Cybersecurity Specialists to learn more about how Tripwire can reduce your cyber risks while increasing system uptime and resilience.