Financial Services Cybersecurity

Protect Financial Systems and Stay SOX Compliant

Reduce risk and stay a step ahead of the cyberattacks aimed at financial services.



Maintain a known and trusted state by measuring changes against a secure baseline.


Generate customizable, audit-ready compliance reports for any point in time.


Improve system uptime with advanced change controls that reduce errors and catch cyberattacks.


Use automated, out-of-the-box policies for Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliance.

Benefits of Tripwire Solutions for Financial Institutions

Continuous compliance with multiple standards (even custom policies)

Complete device and asset discovery for a clear picture of your network

Clear guidance for misconfiguration remediation to reduce the attack surface

Rigid Security Controls, Flexible Deployment

Tripwire goes where you do, with cybersecurity for both your on-prem and cloud environments. And if you’d like your solutions run by a trusted expert, our managed services team is here to help.



Secure your on-premises environment with security configuration management (SCM) and vulnerability management (VM) for network devices, databases, directory servers, point-of-sale (POS) terminals, workstations, laptops, tablets, operating systems, and even remote work endpoints.

Tripwire Enterprise

Tripwire® Enterprise pairs the industry’s most respected FIM with security configuration management (SCM) to provide real-time change intelligence and threat detection. For the compliance officer, it delivers proactive system hardening and automated compliance enforcement—resulting in a reduction of audit cycles and cost.

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Tripwire IP360

Tripwire IP360™ proactively discovers, profiles, and assesses the vulnerability risk of your organization’s assets and can stand as the fundamental solution of your vulnerability management (VM) program. It enables fast detection of vulnerabilities, granular prioritization of risk, and remediation management.

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Tripwire ExpertOps

Tripwire ExpertOps delivers a cloud-based managed services model of the industry’s best SCM and VM. A single subscription includes personalized consulting from trained experts and hands-on tool management to help you achieve and maintain compliance and critical asset security.

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See Tripwire Security in Action

See how Tripwire enables you to maintain a secure baseline configuration, monitor assets for deviations, while automating and guiding security teams for rapid repair of non-compliant systems and misconfigurations.




Financial Case Studies

Financial Cloud Case Study


The ability to rapidly deploy images, even if only for a couple of hours, has enabled application developers to take full advantage of the unprecedented flexibility of the cloud through the continuous protection and permanent audit trail provided by Tripwire. Tripwire Enterprise overcomes the technical and business obstacles that make the pursuit of a secure cloud-based strategy a reality for these two financial services heavyweights who sought to minimize the time between receiving and pushing out a fresh image to their service providers for both cloud and on-prem deployments.

Multinational Bank Case Study


Over the past 18 years, this multinational bank has kept its trust in Tripwire. They’ve relied on our promises to deliver the solutions that protect both their enterprise and the millions of customers that drive their success. Tripwire Enterprise integrated with Tripwire IP360 provides complete risk assessment of their hybrid enterprise. By taking this critical step, they’re able to remediate vulnerabilities and misconfigurations before reaching product environments.


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