Secure Industrial Control Systems with Tripwire and Eaton IMS

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The integration between Tripwire and Eaton offers a unique combination of complementary capabilities that automate data collection, cybersecurity auditing and NERC CIP compliance reporting for complex, substation automation environments.


Track changes and configurations across OT devices, including Windows and Linux file systems.


Track intelligent electronic device inventory and log all changes for audits.


Consolidate reports against NERC CIP and other custom policies in a single user interface.


Utilize Eaton’s Password Manager and the Tripwire Enterprise integration with ServiceNow.

IED Compliance and Monitoring

Tripwire® Enterprise for Industrial Devices provides an innovative approach for industrial organizations to assess configurations, security and status in their environments. With a single interface management system, it offers OT operators an agentless security workflow that can be accessed from virtually anywhere, providing a comprehensive picture of security issues across the environment. Eaton's IED Manager Suite (IMS) helps utilities manage configuration settings, passwords and firmware of the intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) used in substation and distribution automation systems. This seamless integration allows customers to apply existing policies from Tripwire Enterprise on their assets from the Eaton’s vendor-agnostic IMS database. Its no-touch approach won’t disrupt your assets or cause system downtime.

Avoid Manual Effort and Downtime

Manual effort to protect industrial systems is complex and time-consuming. This integration works to your advantage by reducing manual effort and downtime, quickly alerting for unwanted changes. Eaton IMS maintains a database of IED configuration settings, detects changes and gathers thousands of other valuable attributes. Now with Tripwire Enterprise, you can automate data collection from Eaton’s library and generate consolidated reports to maintain compliance.

Tripwire and Eaton for NERC CIP Compliance

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