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In May 2015, Ponemon Institute and ID Experts conducted a benchmark that found that, for the first time, criminal attacks are primary cause of healthcare data breaches. This is a 125 percent increase over the past five years. Why? Because healthcare organizations and their business partners obtain and share highly valuable patient data. And, taken as a whole, the healthcare industry provides a large (and growing) attack surface for criminals who are eager to exploit this information.

Patient records have most everything the attacker needs in a single record to carry out sophisticated insurance fraud schemes, purchase medical supplies or drugs, or commit other types of fraud including outright identity theft. Recent studies have determined that cyber criminals can sell the comprehensive identity information found in a health insurance or patient record for as much as $1,000 on the black market. Compare that to the average cost of a stolen credit card that fetches about $1 on the black market, and you can see why healthcare organizations are so frequently targeted.

The deployment of new devices— especially those categorized as IoT that use wireless networks and sensors to collect and exchange information—is a double edged sword. While these devices offer medical environments tremendous capabilities to care for patients and increase efficiencies, each device increases an organization’s attack surface.

Adding to the complexity of these security challenges are compliance and regulatory frameworks (such as HIPAA, NIST, ISO, PCI and COBIT) typically enacted to protect systems and sensitive data. However, since they frequently evolve to keep pace with information technology, industry influences and new threats to systems and data, healthcare organizations face multiple moving targets for managing controls and meeting requirements.

All this said, securing patient, customer and organizational data must be a top priority. The high price for patient records, combined with new and growing vulnerabilities, provide a great impetus for cybercriminals to attack.

How to Keep Your Healthcare Organization Safe

There are several key measures to follow that help lower the risks of breaches and keep your company’s and customers’ data safe.

  • Build a risk aware culture. This means:
    • Thoroughly examine and determine where in your organizations security risks lie
    • Educate and communicate with employees to help them understand how they can help close the gaps
    • Implement the right tools that continuously monitor and identify vulnerabilities and alert employees so that your organization can act quickly to reduce the risks.
  • Implement foundational controls and basic security hygiene.
    • According to SANS, implementing the first six CIS Controls provides a highly effective and efficient level of defense against the majority of real world attacks, and provides the necessary foundation for dealing with more advanced attacks
  •  Automate all security and compliance efforts. This helps to:
    • Discover and profile all business critical assets, such as patient care systems, medical devices, and payment systems.
    • Quickly repair configurations errors
    • Adjust security controls based on system changes and business impact
    • Monitor, measure and report compliance with security and privacy requirements.
  • Manage incidents with intelligence to help your organization to respond more quickly. To do this:
    • Implement intelligent analytics to help monitor operations  Implement automated response capabilities
    • Integrate next generation threat intelligence solutions with change detection for advanced threat detection and response Tripwire’s Proactive, Continuous Monitoring Approach Tripwire has a significant history helping security and IT professionals in the healthcare industry harden systems and identify change and vulnerabilities.
  • Tripwire is the trusted endpoint monitoring solution for business critical systems, delivering a best in class solution built on a foundation of innovation and deep security expertise. Over 9,000 organizations use Tripwire across a broad platform on over one million business critical endpoints.
  • Tripwire delivers 10 of the CIS Controls—with virtually complete coverage of the first six—which provides 80% of your security hygiene » Tripwire offers an open architecture with APIs and frameworks, such as STIX, TAXII and CybOX, so you can quickly leverage intelligence from a variety of sources to proactively alert to new threats as they occur.
  • Tripwire delivers high fidelity detection with real time, continuous monitoring and correlation capabilities to detect changes that can potentially be a targeted attack
  • Finally, Tripwire has a single multiservice, highly resilient agent for advanced detection and monitoring to preempt cyber attacks. It is more reliable, trusted, stable, accurate and faster than any other method for monitoring thousands of critical servers

Advanced Cybersecurity for Today’s Threats

The solution to the unprecedented cyberthreat problem that healthcare organizations face is to implement foundational controls that integrate into other solutions to proactively respond to threats. Tripwire delivers foundational controls (including file integrity monitoring, configuration management, asset discovery, and vulnerability and log management) to strengthen your security and compliance posture. Our solutions are based on high fidelity asset visibility and deep endpoint intelligence, combined with business context. Together, these solutions automate and integrate security and IT operations. Each solution has core capabilities in different areas in the information security space. They help solve your most complex security and compliance challenges, and help you make better, more informed decisions.

Tripwire even offers unique monitoring and support for electronic healthcare record (EHR) systems. Learn more: EHR Systems Datasheet & EMR Systems Datasheet

Key benefits of Tripwire solutions include:

  • An integrated approach to threat protection based on consolidated vulnerability and change intelligence that dramatically accelerates threat detection and prioritization. This allows customers to detect cyberthreats sooner by identifying network “hot spots” indicative of an attack—places where risk is high and suspicious changes are occurring.
  • Continuous attack surface analysis that makes it possible for users to rapidly and proactively identify the most critical security issues using business impact and visual vulnerability risk matrix scoring.
    • Tripwire® IP360™ facilitates this analysis by enabling customers to discover every device, software and application for a comprehensive view of the network. The solution uses advanced analytics and a unique quantitative scoring algorithm based on several factors— including the vulnerability score and business relevant asset value—to prioritize the vulnerabilities for remediation. The result is actionable data that enables IT security teams to focus on the tasks that will quickly and effectively reduce overall network risk with the fewest possible resources.
  • Significant reduction of enterprise security risks through rapid identification and response to specific vulnerabilities and malware (like ShellShock and Heartbleed) from a continually updated library of over 100,000 conditions, including vulnerabilities, configurations and operating systems, and more than 15,000 applications.
  • Improves operational efficiency by prioritizing remediation efforts on the greatest risks.
  • When it comes to compliance, Tripwire Enterprise offers more than 800 policies for almost any platform or device, and for the multiple compliance mandates faced by organizations. Organizations can assess configurations to learn where they fall short of compliance, get guidance to fix issues, and establish and maintain configurations in a compliant and secure state. It then determines when changes occur to that compliant and secure state and assesses them to determine if they introduce non compliance or security issues. When Tripwire Enterprise finds an undesirable change it offers remediation advice to return systems to a compliant state. Tripwire Enterprise monitors EPIC systems for change on critical data on the EHR system while avoiding flooding the process with distracting, unhelpful change information.
  • Eliminates extensive manual work, saving time and resources, by automating common responses.
  • Additionally, Tripwire solutions integrate with a number of other security solutions for analytics, forensics, SIEM and threat response. With these integrations, they deliver actionable reports and alerts and enable the integration of valuable endpoint intelligence into operational systems like change management databases, ticketing systems, patch management and security solutions.
    • Tripwire Log Center® integrates data from Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire IP360, which provides organizations with insight into the relationships between suspicious events, system changes, weak configurations and current vulnerabilities. It reduces the workload and costs associated with traditional SIEMs and security analytics solutions by pre filtering data and identifying anomalies and patterns known to be threats and early indicators of breaches. This allows Tripwire Log Center to forward only actionable, relevant data to SOC staff and third party tools (such as threat intelligence solutions).

Good Security Delivers Effective Compliance

If an organization has implemented good security processes and controls, they could be well on their way to meeting multiple compliance and/or security standards. Tripwire supports many compliance mandates (including HIPAA and FDA), and guidelines from NIST. That support, combined with Tripwire’s advanced cybersecurity and compliance solutions, you get proven, industry recognized security and the ability to meet almost any compliance mandate. All while helping you detect and respond to any threat to your organization’s—and customers’—data.

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