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Tripwire Advisor Program

Technical Services in Smaller Bytes of Time

The sharp increase in remote work since 2020 has ushered in a new era in which remote work is becoming a new norm for many. A recent Gallup poll in the U.S. found that 67 percent of knowledge workers are still doing their jobs from home. With the way work gets done undergoing a transformation, it’s no surprise that enterprises are also looking to change the way they use professional services.

Mid enterprise organizations , in particular, may find it unappealing to commit to a traditional eight hour increment for a professional services engagement. Smaller IT budgets and staffing constraints make booking professional services in one hour or multi hour “byte sized” increments a more efficient choice. Technical services should fit your schedule, not the other way around.

The Tripwire Advisor Program makes Tripwire’s Technical Services accessible to customers who would like to take advantage of expert consulting in smaller increments. Customers can purchase a bundle of service hours for pre defined services so that they can receive support without having to dedicate a full day to Technical Services.


What Do Tripwire Advisors Do?

The Tripwire Advisor Program enables you to leverage our technical services team for pre defined tasks such as installations, implementations, agent deployment, scanning, report creation, integration set ups, and more.

Tripwire Advisors are available to customers of the following solutions:

  • Tripwire® Enterprise
  • Tripwire LogCenter®
  • Tripwire IP360™

You can engage the Tripwire Advisor program for one, two, or four hour sessions.

Pre defined services offered include:
  • Basic installation: An advisor will assist you with installing your Tripwire product with “out of the box” content.
  • Operations Review: Review your currently installed Tripwire products and identify ways to optimize them for your environment.
  • Solution Upgrade: Review your currently installed Tripwire products and identify ways to optimize them for your environment. Tripwire Advisors can assist in making sure you have everything ready to proceed or can perform an N-1* upgrade for you.
  • “How-to”: Not sure how to do something with your Tripwire product? Let the Advisor walk you through the most common solutions to “how to” questions.