Maintain Continuous Compliance with PCI 3.2 Requirements

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The PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) continues to evolve and become more prescriptive. Not being PCI compliant leaves you exposed. Maintaining continuous compliance with the latest requirements is the only way to ensure your customer data is properly protected.

Automate PCI Compliance Activities

Periodic PCI audits can be resource-intensive with manual checks and reporting. Tripwire offers “out-of-the-box” value to quickly validate and enforce good security measures. Tripwire provides assistance with all 12 PCI requirement sections. Continuous integrity monitoring alerts you to suspicious activities automatically, allowing your staff to focus on the threats, not administrative overhead. Automate network scans to discover vulnerabilities and verify that configurations are in their desired state. Ease the burden of preparing for audits with audit-ready PCI compliance reports. Take advantage of Tripwire’s cloud-based, ExpertOps service to outsource your Tripwire Enterprise operations.

Never Drift from Compliance

Using automated processes, PCI compliance can be maintained on a continual basis instead of only at audit time. This significantly reduces the compliance resources required while improving security. Tripwire provides a unique integration of policy management, file integrity monitoring (FIM), vulnerability assessment and log intelligence to achieve this. Real-time continuous monitoring allows you to know at any time when events-of-interest or indicators-of-breach occur.

Secure Your Network Against Cyber Threats

Achieve the security PCI was intended to deliver. Tripwire solutions enable you to go beyond “minimum compliance requirements” and achieve true protection of your cardholder environment. Broad support of server operating systems, POS systems, virtual systems, cloud-based assets, network devices, directory servers and data bases enable you to protect against the most-common attack vectors.

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