Harden Critical Systems, Reduce Cyber Threat Risk

Continuous system hardening through Security Configuration Management to reduce your attack surface


94% of unauthorized data access is through compromised servers. Know your assets and how they’re configured for security and compliance—file servers, databases, active directory, network devices and endpoints.


Ensure your security systems work seamlessly and continuously. Out-of-box automation increases efficiency and reduces human error, while continuously proving compliance with security standards and eliminating "drift" in your secure and trusted configurations.

Business Context

You need to deliver security. We make it easy by providing insights that connect security to business context through executive dashboards and audit-ready policy and compliance reporting.

Restoring Trust After a Breach: “Which Systems Can I Trust?”


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Tripwire Enterprise Configuration Control in Action

SCM for Dummies

Get started on creating secure, trusted IT configurations your organization can depend on.

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Simplifying Security Configuration Management

This demo will give you a sense of how easy it is to maintain IT compliance and secure your infrastructure with Tripwire Enterprise.

Tripwire Enterprise hardens IT configurations with integrated and automated capabilities: Policy Manager, Integrity Manager and Remediation Manager.

Feature & Benefits

The largest security and compliance policy library

Tripwire provides over 20 unique, industry-trusted policy sources, over 700 policy-platform combinations, and over 189,000 unique configuration tests. All are available out-of-the-box, without customization, ready to use.

Continuous Monitoring

Tripwire Enterprise proactively identifies when your critical systems deviate from a known and trusted state to ensure that they remain continuously protected and secure.

Security Intelligence

Tripwire is the trusted source for information about your infrastructure's security state. We make it simple and easy to review and understand security hardening data through executive dashboards and audit-ready enterprise reports.

Customized Hardening Policies

With Policy Manager, you can establish custom weighting for test scores, create scoring thresholds, and determine which results from policy tests need to be flagged and examined. With fully customizable security policy tests, you can turn industry-standard policies into a custom security policy that fits your specific needs.

A simple typo made to a router configuration can bring a store's cash registers to a halt. With Tripwire, we can diagnose and recover from such an incident in minutes. When a store is down, every minute saved has a tremendous value to the customer and our business.

Jeremy Dykman, Network and Security Manager, Wesco

Tripwire has many features which seemed to be needed for us. Tripwire is a solution that can help me in my daily work.

Gerald Egner, IT Manager, The State Mints of Baden-Wuerttember