Cyber Threat Protection for Financial Services

Accurate cyber threat protection. Tripwire delivers robust security solutions for global financial and banking services.

Cyber Threat Protection

Automate actions and alerts with real-time threat indicators, along with reporting and forensics. Assist in early detection and speed up response time in case of an actual security incident.

Sustainable Compliance

You want to ensure your IT is following standard protocol. Successfully achieve and maintain IT configuration control, resulting in stable, trustworthy operations required by today's regulatory bodies, businesses and investors.

Harden Critical Systems

Regulations are complex. Provide evidence of compliance and reduce attack surface of your critical infrastructure with a robust suite of security controls for asset, vulnerability, configuration and risk management.

Unified Security Solutions for Financial Services


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Using Tripwire's combined solutions, financial firms can more definitively determine which changes and events correlate to indicate a true attack or breach in process, or analyze past events that led up to a breach to determine root cause.

Feature & Benefits

Close the Threat Detection Gap

You need to ask yourself continually, have we been breached? And you need continuous monitoring and real-time alerts on suspicious activity for early threat detection. Tripwire helps you prioritize alerts affecting critical assets, such as your customers' data.

Cybercrime Controls

Get out-of-the-box rules for high-confidence alerts from a trusted security source. Threat intelligence delivered at the right time for the right context to reduce false positives.

Close the Threat Prevention Gap

Reduce your threat surface by minimizing vulnerabilities and lock down configurations. Get easy to implement policies for hardening critical systems with Cybercrime Controls. Understand your assets' value to the business.

In just a short time, we were able to increase the overall security posture of the university in being able to detect, stop and disable 'break-in' attempts on our systems and infrastructure.

Nriffith University

Change and configuration management were the drivers for seeking a file monitoring solution. We also knew it was time to upgrade and automate our security and compliance processes across systems. Tripwire Enterprise helped us meet that goal.