Financial Services Cybersecurity and SOX Compliance with Tripwire

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Attacks on financial services organizations continue to escalate. Use Tripwire to reduce your cyber risks while automating compliance with regulatory standards.

Protect your Financial Systems

Financial services companies are prime targets for cyberattacks, and hackers are continuing to have success. The problem is often gaps in your security processes that can leave you exposed to network penetration.

Tripwire provides foundational controls that can ensure your security is rock solid, and to detect cyberattacks when they occur. Tripwire solutions cover the top 6 six CIS Critical Security Controls that are proven to protect you from the most common cyberattacks. Tripwire enables you to track which devices are attached to your network, harden configurations, identify vulnerabilities, detect changes and assess whether they represent a cyberthreat.

Maintain Availability

Continuous availability is a must-have in the world of financial services. A fundamental operational control is establishing a rigorous change management process to ensure only authorized changes are made and non-authorized changes are promptly investigated.

Tripwire has been helping companies implement better change controls for years by detecting all changes and reconciling them with the expected actions listed in a change ticketing system or other validation techniques. The result is a closed loop system that reduces errors, catches cyberattacks, and improves total system up-time.

Automate Compliance

Financial organizations are now accustomed to the need to consistently adhere to compliance requirements such as SOX, GLBA, PCI DSS and FDIC mandates. But at what cost?

Tripwire enables you to efficiently achieve and maintain compliance through automated controls. Tripwire solutions can continuously monitor your infrastructure and report on out-of-compliance conditions when they occur. Tripwire is the gold standard for file integrity monitoring, detecting changes in real time. For security configuration management, Tripwire supports over 800 policy/platform combinations, ensuring the right policies are available whatever your compliance requirements.

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