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Retail Cybersecurity: Protect Customer Information and Retail Infrastructure with Tripwire

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Retailers face special challenges in keeping payment card and customer data secure. Use Tripwire to protect your organization from compromise and prove compliance with the PCI Standard.

Protect Payment and Customer Information

Retailers continue to be under cyberattack by criminals looking to gain access to payment card and customer data. Organizations continue to be breached in highly visible – and expensive – incidents that expose flaws in their security processes. Breaches are often discovered months after the attack began, and often by outside third-parties.

Tripwire provides foundational controls that can ensure your security is rock solid, and to detect cyberattacks when they occur. Tripwire solutions cover the top 6 CIS Critical Security Controls that are proven to protect you from the most common cyberattacks. Tripwire enables you to track which devices are attached to your network, harden configurations, identify vulnerabilities, detect changes and assess whether or not they represent a cyberthreat.

Secure POS Networks

Point-of-Sale devices present a special security challenge for retailers by their distributed nature. POS attacks are the most common entry point for retail data breaches. Tripwire has customized solutions to protect your POS network against attack. Tripwire can detect misconfigured devices and white list applications, ports, services and users. Suspicious files can be immediately detected and flagged. Tripwire has special configurations and pricing to meet retailer needs.

Simplify and automate PCI Compliance

Retail organizations today are familiar with the PCI Data Security Standard, but how do you continuously maintain compliance as your infrastructure evolves and the standard becomes more stringent? Tripwire enables you to achieve and maintain compliance through automated controls at an affordable price. Tripwire solutions can continuously monitor your infrastructure and report on out-of-compliance conditions when they occur. Tripwire is the gold standard for file integrity monitoring, not just detecting changes in real time but giving you the information to differentiate good from bad changes.

Walgreens: Adopting Proactive Security with Tripwire

See how Walgreens strategic partnership with Tripwire enables them to use compliance to drive operational improvements.


A key motivation for implementing Tripwire Enterprise at Walgreens was to enhance SOX and PCI compliance across an infrastructure that includes over 12,000 stores. Tripwire automates server hardening, immediately alerts on misconfigurations, and tracks changes through a Remedy integration. While the initial focus was improving compliance, that has lead to greater operational efficiency, better risk manage-ment and increased visibility throughout the company.

"Tripwire's been great. It's really been a strategic partnership... We can now take a much more proactive approach... We have a lot more information about our environment."

Ed Yousfi, Director of Global Security and Risk Management


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