Retail and Hospitality Cyber Threat Defense

Cyber threat detection you need to protect your customers' data and the best PCI DSS 3.2 compliance coverage

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring and automated alerts for suspicious activity provide early threat detection. They can help you rapidly respond to stop an attack, limit damage, and deliver distinct point-of-sale (POS) protection.

Prioritized Real-time Alerts

Prioritize alerts affecting critical assets—such as POS devices, customer data and eCommerce servers—with built-in threat intelligence for the right context to reduce false positives and speed response.

Achieve PCI Compliance

Tripwire has the most proven and current PCI compliance solution for retail and hospitality businesses, from small to the largest global organizations, allowing them to process credit card transactions safely.

Tripwire Solutions for Retail POS Security


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Tripwire Solutions for Retail POS Security

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Tripwire Enterprise POS Threat Protection

Point of sale attacks are on the rise and securing POS devices can not be a generic effort. This video will show how Tripwire Enterprise uniquely addresses POS Threat Protection.

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Tripwire point of sale protection video overview

Tripwire Retail Solution Suite

A new approach is required to protect the retail and hospitality industry from sophisticated methods being used by today’s cyber attackers. Tripwire Enterprise, Tripwire IP360 and Tripwire Log Center enables cyber threat detection, response and prevention.

Feature & Benefits

Closing the Retail Threat Detection Gap - Have we been breached?

  • Continuous monitoring and real-time alerts reveal suspicious activity for early threat detection
  • Quickly prioritize your alerts affecting critical assets such as customer data and eCommerce servers
  • Cybercrime Controls—Tripwire's out of the box rules for detecting threats and actionable high-confidence alerts from a trusted security source
  • Get threat intelligence for the right context to reduce false positives

Closing the Retail Threat Prevention Gap - Are we an easy target?

  • Reduce your threat surface by minimizing vulnerabilities and locking down configurations
  • Easy to implement policies for hardening for POS systems with Cybercrime Controls
  • Inventory all assets and understand their value to the business

By engaging Tripwire, we can remain a nimble company, able to respond quickly to customer needs, while also ensuring security and compliance.

Arthur Taylor, CEO, Benefit Allocation Systems

In POS systems, it is particularly crucial to act quickly on alerts. In the event that a customer account should ever be compromised, Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire Log Center will tell us what changed, when the change was made, who made the change, how the change was made, as well as what other actions were taken.

M. Ben Lawson, Information Security and CompliAnce Manager, K-VA-T Food Stores, Inc.