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Prescriptive Guide to Security Reference Architecture

Implementing a security architecture capable of protecting against today’s threats in an always evolving technology environment is a huge challenge. Your biggest challenge may be simply knowing how and where to start. Which controls do you need, how do you choose them, how do you deploy them, how do they work together, and how do they work with operational systems? Equally important, how do you create and grow a security program with the necessary people and processes to build, maintain, manage and improve a resilient security architecture?

The lastest in Tripwire’s Prescriptive Guide series, Security Reference Architecture: A Practical Guide to Implementing Foundational Controls, provides those answers. It gives you a path forward and explains important details and considerations when implementing a security reference architecture, providing guidance on expanding and improving it as you advance the capabilities your security program provides the greater organization. 

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Endpoint Detection and Response: Proactive Endpoint Defense

We are under siege, and all organizations—big and small, commercial and government, local and multinational—are cyberattack targets.

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Tripwire Purecloud for PCI

Achieve PCI compliance while securing your network from data breaches.


Tripwire Enterprise and Puppet

With Puppet, customers can quickly gain Tripwire Enterprise value by automating the install of Tripwire Enterprise agents.

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Leveraging the Power of File Integrity Monitoring

File integrity monitoring is key to ensuring the IT infrastructure is secure, compliant and operationally optimized. Tripwire® Enterprise provides complete visibility into and an audit trail of all configuration change and integrates with popular change and configuration management tools.


File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) Buyer's Guide

When you need a file integrity monitoring (FIM) solution, it's important to get the features you need. This Buyer's Guide provides checklists to help you through this process.

Case Study:

Community Bank

With most financial institutions ranking security as a top-level concern, banks are seeking ways to protect their IT infrastructure against threats such as data breaches or hacking incidents. Banks are also subject to strict industry standards and…

Case Study:

Major Healthcare Provider

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Tripwire and GDPR: Achieve Compliance Using Foundational Controls

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires organizations to take adequate measures to ensure the security and privacy of personal data of any European citizen. There are severe penalties for not complying with the standard. The deadline for compliance is May 25, 2018.

White Paper:

Getting Up to Speed on GDPR

The deadline for meeting the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is May 2018. This new regulation applies to any company doing business in Europe that collects or uses European personal data. Organizations need to demonstrate they are protecting that information in accordance with the requirements to avoid serious financial consequences.

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Extending Security Controls into the Cloud

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Meeting the True Intent of File Integrity Monitoring

Today, organizations simply use file integrity monitoring (FIM) to meet one of the many regulations, like PCI, that require it. But for most, the term "FIM" has become synonymous with "noise" due to the volume of change data it indiscriminately produces. Learn what true FIM is, and why it's more critical than ever for security and compliance.