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Solution Brief:

Detect and Defend Against Cyber Attacks on the Power Grid

The attack on the Ukrainian power grid on Christmas Eve 2015 was a huge wake up call for the energy industry. Attackers overwrote firmware on critical devices at 16 substations, leaving them unresponsive to any remote commands from operators. As a result of those attacks, 80,000 customers went without electricity for six hours, and workers had to control the breakers manually. 

Solution Brief:

Achieve and Maintain Compliance with the Smart Energy Code: Protecting the UK's Energy Infrastructure with Tripwire

While the UK’s energy supply is becoming more connected, the march toward progress also introduces new risks that need to be addressed. The Smart Energy Code (SEC) defines the rights and obligations of energy suppliers, network operators and other relevant parties involved in the end-to-end management of smart metering in Great Britain.

White Paper:

SANS: Secure Configuration Management Demystified

Security experts and analysts agree that a systematic, enterprise-wide program of secure configuration management is one of the most beneficial security solutions you can implement. It provides an objective, concise measure of your overall  security posture. But it continues to be recognized as one of the “hardest things to accomplish” for IT security teams. This white paper discusses why these controls are so important, how to enable them in manageable, bite-size chunks, and how to get cooperation from your cross-functional IT operations teams.

White Paper:

Security Configuration Management: Getting Back to IT Security Basics

In IT security, obvious weaknesses like weak configurations often get overlooked. Yet for hackers, they’re an open door into networks and systems. Learn how security configuration management (SCM), a critical security control, hardens configurations to prevent breaches, and immediately detects and corrects any subsequent changes that weaken them.

Tripwire: Advanced Threat Protection, Security and Compliance:

Prescriptive Guide to Security Reference Architecture

Implementing a security architecture capable of protecting against today’s threats in an always evolving technology environment is a huge challenge. Your biggest challenge may be simply knowing how and where to start. Which controls do you need, how do you choose them, how do you deploy them, how do they work together, and how do they work with operational systems? Equally important, how do you create and grow a security program with the necessary people and processes to build, maintain, manage and improve a resilient security architecture?

The lastest in Tripwire’s Prescriptive Guide series, Security Reference Architecture: A Practical Guide to Implementing Foundational Controls, provides those answers. It gives you a path forward and explains important details and considerations when implementing a security reference architecture, providing guidance on expanding and improving it as you advance the capabilities your security program provides the greater organization. 

Solution Brief:

Security Configuration Management Executive Brief

White Paper:

Security Configuration Management: Moving from Praise to Results

A whole host of industry recognized sources, including Gartner, Securosis and SANS have been consistently recommending security configuration management (SCM) as one of the top, if not the top, security controls you can implement to protect your IT infrastructure and data. Surprisingly, even though most organizations agree on its value, few have actually implemented SCM. Why not?


Security Configuration Management Resource Kit

Security Configuration Management (SCM) is among the most important and cost-effective security controls you can deploy, easily mapping core business concepts of priority, risk and relevance. Gartner, SANS, and other industry analysts view SCM as a critical ingredient in data protection strategies and an indispensable control to manage IT configuration policies and visualize risk.


Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager Datasheet

Tripwire® Configuration Compliance Manager (CCM) rapidly audits your environment, increases visibility into asset compliance gaps, reduces unplanned work, and automates compliance policy.

Solution Brief:

Security Configuration Management: Foundational Security with Tripwire Enterprise

SCM provides the most security "bang for the buck" against today's threats, which is why the SANS Institute places so much importance on using it. With Tripwire® Enterprise as your SCM solution, that foundational control extends across the enterprise infrastructure.


Security Configuration Management Buyer's Guide

Security Configuration Management exists at the point where IT security and IT operations meet. It’s a software-based solution that combines elements of vulnerability assessment, automated remediation, and configuration assessment. The goal of SCM is to reduce security risks by ensuring that systems are properly configured—hardened—to meet internal and/or regulatory security and compliance standards.

Solution Brief:

Tripwire Accelerator Program: Tripwire IP360

Many organizations spend considerable time and money implementing enterprise software solutions. Our solution to this common problem is the Tripwire Accelerator Program. We help accelerate time to compliance and security, reduce implementation costs and time as well as position you for long term success. We'll assist with your Tripwire® IP360™ deployment and mentor your staff, getting them up to speed with the tools needed to successfully manage and maintain your technology investment.