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Chi-X Australia: Building Trust on the Back of Tripwire

Chi-X Australia is a securities and derivatives exchange transforming the Australian investment market through a focus on customers and innovation. The company delivers easy, cost-effective access to local and global investment opportunities. As a result, it has need for a scalable, flexible compliance and security solution that can enable it to function effectively around the world. Chi-X needed...
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How to Balance NERC CIPv6 vs. CIPv5 Compliance (and Why it Matters)

The extension of the NERC CIPv5 deadline to July 2016 means that registered entities have gained a small window of time for their compliance projects, but they now face a combined compliance deadline for CIPv5 and CIPv6 in July. Join Nick Santora, CEO of Curricula, and Tim Erlin, Director of IT Risk & Security Strategist at Tripwire, for a discussion on the potential impact of CIPv6 on your...
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Cyber Kill Chain: Detecting Human Indicators of Compromise

Your organization’s greatest assets are also its greatest threat: People. Your greatest risk is those you trust. Last year, more than a third of data breaches were perpetrated by a malicious insider, such as an employee, contractor or trusted business partner. On average, an attack by an insider is also more likely to cost the most, averaging $412K per incident. The intentions of these insiders...
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AAA: Getting Roadside Assistance from Tripwire

Tim Masey, Director of Enterprise Information Security at AAA, shared his company’s PCI journey: beginning with a small implementation of Tripwire, then running into roadblocks by Management for the expansion of products, and eventually moving forward with the implementation of Tripwire’s policy driven dashboards, rules and tasks for over 500 servers.