Tripwire Secures Your DevOps Toolchain

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Secure workloads without slowing down your DevOps flows. Leverage Tripwire for DevOps, Tripwire Enterprise, and more to secure configurations, identify vulnerabilities, and detect deviations before they pose serious problems.

Start secure, stay secure

Harden configurations and remediate vulnerabilities before deployment


Monitor deployed assets for suspicious events, deviations from baseline and changes in risk


<span style="font-size: 10.5pt; font-family: Calibri, sans-serif;">Integrate with your on-premises, elastic and dynamic cloud, and container environments</span>


Integrate Tripwire into your DevOps toolchain using powerful APIs and command-line tools

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Use Tripwire remediation advice to harden configurations and follow industry best practices


Prioritize needed patches using Tripwire’s granular vulnerability scoring system


Use powerful APIs and scripting tools to link Tripwire into your DevOps toolchain


Evaluate the security posture of your images before releasing them


Scan images for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations prior to deployment


Deploy Tripwire agents automatically with new instances using Puppet, Chef and Ansible


Secure your cloud accounts from misconfigurations and hacking


Monitor running instances for vulnerabilities and deviations from approved baselines


Release and Deploy

Deploy the Tripwire Axon agent automatically via Puppet, Chef and Ansible scripts available in their public marketplaces. Baseline asset configurations, scan images for vulnerabilities, and destroy images that do not meet compliance standards.

Once Tripwire has a defined configuration baseline, it monitors for drift. If drift is detected, Tripwire alerts you and gives you a side-by-side comparison of before and after the drift occured, highlighting the change.

Operate and Monitor

Security admins face both increased responsibilities and increased risk potential as they navigate their organization’s transition to DevOps workflows. Understand the container lifecycle and improve your security hygiene.

Monitor images of both running and non-running containers for vulnerabilities and check assets for deviations against configuration baselines. Receive alerts when problematic or suspicious events are identified in monitored log sources.

Plan and Code

Resolve misconfigurations identified by Tripwire Enterprise using Tripwire’s prescribed remediation steps. Remediations can be put into a work order ticketing system, such as Service Now, so you can have your team go through a step by step remediation via that work order.

Patch vulnerabilities identified and prioritized using Tripwire IP360. Tripwire conducts risk scoring by detecting vulnerabilities across assets and assigning risk scores to those vulnerabilities. Those risk scores are aggregated into combined scores to help you prioritize high-score fixes first.

Build and Test

Evaluate the security posture of assets before releasing them into production. Check for misconfigurations, policy violations, and vulnerabilities using powerful APIs and scripting tools that hook into the DevOps toolchain. Tripwire Enterprise includes built-in security assessment tools that alert you the moment change is detected that pushes your containers outside established configurations. Customize your Tripwire operations to fit industry and legal compliance policy standards.



Tripwire for DevOps: Tripwire Security in a SaaS

It’s time to take a smarter approach to DevOps security. Tripwire for DevOps makes it easy to reduce cycle time from coding to deployment while conducting dynamic, comprehensive scans to catch and fix vulnerabilities before they make it into production. Tripwire for DevOps merges the industry-leading security and compliance functionality Tripwire is known for with your DevOps workflows.

Tripwire for DevOps

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