Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Protect your critical endpoints with highly resilient cyber threat security.
Detect, Contain, Analyze, and Remediate



Focus on unauthorized system state changes, analyze them using internal or partner IOCs, anomaly detection, and behavior and policy violations. Stay ahead of threat actors.



Quickly respond to limit damage and loss. Leverage automation and integration with business context to respond faster and with precision. Control rogue processes and traffic, and remove malicious files.



Focus on critical actions for investigation. Get current and historical state information—objects, processes and activities. Leverage threat intelligence and vulnerability data. Prioritize based on business context.



Repair the endpoint, revert to a safe configuration, and remove unauthorized objects. Integrate and automate security, compliance and IT processes for effectiveness and efficiency. Regain control and confidence after a security incident and resume safe operations.


Tripwire Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
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How Tripwire Ruined My Day (And Saved My Year)

Ian Robertson from Trion Worlds, had his day ruined when Tripwire’s alerting system woke him during the middle of the night warning something wasn’t right. He wasn't a happy camper but thanks to the alert, Trion Worlds was able to quickly resolve the malicious issue before the company ended up in countless headlines.

Tripwire Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

While information security relies on multi-layer defense strategy with the goal of infrastructure resilience, it is important to recognize that the endpoint is the primary target of cyber attacks. Anything that can be targeted in an attack or used as a conduit to a device that can be attacked must be included in coordinating overall defenses. Effective enterprise security should enable defenders to identify critical assets, detect and assess breaches and security incidents, respond to contain any damage, remediate and repair the impacted endpoints, and prevent the spread of further attacks in the enterprise.

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