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Healthcare Cybersecurity:
Secure Healthcare Infrastructure and Protect Patient Data with Tripwire

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Healthcare organizations are high-value targets that are increasingly under cyberattack. Use Tripwire to protect your organization from compromise and prove compliance with healthcare regulations.

Healthcare Providers

A stolen medical record now fetches up to $1,000 on the black market (versus $1 for a credit card number), making healthcare providers a prime target for cybercriminals. SANS reported that 94% of medical institutions have been victims of a cyberattack in their Health Care Cyberthreat Report. Compounding the problem is the increasing number of medical devices attached to the network, each one of them a potential attack point.


Tripwire can detect all devices attached to your network and ensure they are properly patched, configured and authorized. Tripwire provides the capability to harden devices from cyberattack and detect intrusions into your network. Tripwire's foundational controls for Healthcare providers help you protect against the most frequent cyberthreats - including those from the inside. For example, Tripwire can monitor for unauthorized changes to Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems such as EPIC Systems. Robust APIs and integrations make it easy to layer additional security tools on top of your Tripwire foundation. Streamline your compliance tasks with Tripwire’s comprehensive HIPAA solution.


Pharmaceutical companies are prime targets for cyber- attacks because of their high value, intellectual property. Pharmaceuticals must also comply with HIPAA for health information and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 for clinical trial data.


Tripwire provides both security and compliance solutions to meet pharmaceutical needs. Tripwire offers foundational controls to preempt cyberattacks, whether to IT-based servers and databases or plant-based networks and controllers. These core security processes support the first six CIS Critical Security Controls, a security foundation that reduces risk by protecting you from the most common cyberattacks. Tripwire also enables you to automate compliance controls and reporting, with customizable polices for HIPAA, FDA 21 CFR Part II and other regulations and security frameworks.

Healthcare Plans and Payers

Healthcare organizations providing payment services and insurance programs must secure confidential patient and payment data. Tripwire delivers a comprehensive portfolio of integrity monitoring, policy management, vulnerability management and log intelligence to protect this information. Tripwire solutions are highly automated to improve coverage while reducing effort. Tripwire monitors systems for unauthorized changes and prioritizes vulnerabilities to ensure health and payment data is not compromised. You can maintain continuous compliance with standards such as PCI, SOX, HIPAA and others using Tripwire’s extensive policy library.


Achieving Epic System Integrity for Compliance, Security and Operational Excellence

This major healthcare provider uses Tripwire to achieve high integrity of critical Epic data.


Epic environments are fluid and complex, making it difficult to track millions of changes and increasing the likelihood of costly errors or downtime – whether malicious or unintentional. This large hospital system needed a reliable monitoring solution that could meet compliance initiatives and minimize the risk of unauthorized changes. Tripwire Enterprise consistently monitors critical Epic data to reduce "noisy" alerts, ensure integrity, and enhance IT productivity.

"Tripwire offers unique monitoring for Epic systems. Tripwire's automated monitoring allowed us to achieve our first passing audit while minimizing the risk of compromised data."

IT Executive Manager, Major Healthcare Provider


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Healthcare Cyber Security and Compliance

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