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Tripwire Announces Asset Discovery Solution

Asset Discovery Across Networks | Tripwire

Get seamless asset discovery across your network. Maximize security performance and align security to business needs with IT-efficient solutions from Tripwire.

Passive Asset Discovery for ICS Security

One of the most effective tactics to improving your ICS security posture is adopting a sophisticated log management system. Passive asset discovery through Tripwire® Log Center® will assist in giving you an accurate network topology.

Tripwire Asset Discovery Appliance Discovery and Profiling for Network Situational Awareness

The Tripwire Asset Discovery Appliance provides a comprehensive view of devices and software on your network, giving you the foundation for effective security configuration management and compliance processes. Only this appliance provides low bandwidth, non-intrusive host and network profiling for use with Tripwire Enterprise. Download this datasheet to learn complete details, including how the appliance, in concert with Tripwire Enterprise, addresses Critical Security Controls.

Foundational Controls to Strengthen Cyber Security and Compliance - Tripwire

Get a high-level overview of Tripwire's cyber security solutions. Learn about Tripwire features such as: file integrity monitoring (FIM), security configuration management (SCM), asset discovery, vulnerability management (VM) and log collection.

Vulnerability Management & Risk Scoring | Tripwire

Get complete asset discovery, risk management and security vulnerability management software to reduce risk of cybersecurity threats.

NERC CIP Compliance and Standards | Tripwire

Achieve NERC CIP compliance for improved efficiency and reduced risk with asset discovery, continuous monitoring, automated assessment and audit-ready evidence.

Tripwire Enterprise Customer Webinar: Protecting What You Don't Know About

What you can’t see can hurt you. Do you know if you have rogue or risky devices or software on your network exposing your organization and business to critical risk or potential non-compliance? Do you have a full asset inventory of assets and applications required to assess the risk from an emerging threat or compliance drift? Attend this webcast to learn how the innovative Tripwire Asset Discovery Appliance solution, with Tripwire Enterprise, addresses Critical Security Controls 1 to 3. Viewers will learn how Tripwire Asset Discovery Appliance can be used to: Identify previously undetected or unknown assets on your network; Discover and inventory software and services that increase security risk, or are prohibited by policy and compliance requirements; Proactively identify areas of exposure, vulnerability and other security weaknesses.

Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager Datasheet

Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager (CCM) rapidly audits your environment, increases visibility into asset compliance gaps, reduces unplanned work, and automates compliance policy. Download the datasheet to learn how Tripwire CCM uniquely delivers a powerful combination of integrated technologies in a single system asset discovery, configuration compliance audit, and patch compliance audit that work together to determine compliance gaps and assess risk.

VnE Manager Comparison Datasheet | Tripwire

Tripwire VnE Manager is the centralized management appliance for Tripwire IP360 that utilizes a locked-down Linux-based operating system.

Tripwire IP360 Executive Brief

Understanding security risk on the global enterprise network is essential to comprehensive IT risk management. However, the high rate of change on enterprise networks, the constantly changing threat environment, and increased focus on internal and regulatory compliance have made this task increasingly difficult. The solution is Tripwire® IP360™. This Executive Brief provides a quick overview of Tripwire IP360’s industry-best vulnerability coverage, its risk-based prioritization, web application scanning, comprehensive asset discovery, support for Adaptive Threat Protection, dynamic query and real-time analysis capabilities.

Vulnerability and Asset Management | Tripwire IP360

Discover what's on your network, find the most important vulnerabilities, and address them fast with Tripwire's enterprise-class vulnerability management.

Tripwire Contributes to NIST’s New Guide Available to Help Electric Utilities, Oil & Gas Industry with Asset Management

Tripwire's 1-2-3 Approach to Industrial Cybersecurity

Discover an approach to industrial cybersecurity that allows critical infrastructure asset operators to select the right starting point based on their unique environment and priorities.

Tripwire CCM Policies and Platform Support -- 2015Q4

Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager (CCM) automates discovery of all assets within the environment and can apply compliance and security standards to configuration compliance and patch compliance audit. This datasheet lists the hundreds of policies available in Tripwire CCM, along with information on supported platforms.

Industrial Cyber Security - What You Don't Know Might Hurt You

Getting a clear assessment of your assets is the first step toward developing a mature OT network or control system. A well maintained asset inventory allows your organization to quickly manage risk affecting your operations availability, reliability and safety. Industrial environments often need to map assets to NIST, ITIL, ISO, COBIT or process automation standards like ANSI/ISA99-IEC-62443. You can achieve significant efficiency improvement and save time within industrial environments by automating asset management instead of following manual spreadsheet processes. Cyber security experts David Meltzer, Chief Research Officer at Tripwire, Tony Gore, CEO at Red Trident Inc., and John Powell, Senior Critical Infrastructure Engineer at Red Trident Inc., will discuss the practical 1-2-3 basics of industrial cyber security and how to get started automating asset management. Attendees will also learn how to build an effective strategy for protecting industrial assets - networks, endpoints and controllers. Key Takeaways: Learn how to automate and simplify the inventory process and secure your assets Understand what cyber security standards may apply to your unique environment Hear real-world tips on how to prioritize and work across functional silos within your company Receive an industrial cyber security assessment checklist to help gauge your starting point

Tripwire Cloud Deployment Services

Tripwire Cloud Deployment Services is designed to address the challenges of critical change information that's stored in disparate systems across disconnected and different IT environments, which can impact IT availability and uptime. The solution works with on-premises and public cloud (Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure) environments through a single, foundational platform that enables consolidated real-time change intelligence dashboards, alerts, and reports, and automatic synchronization of asset information between each environment. This brief details how Tripwire Cloud Deployment Services: Seamlessly monitors cloud-based and on-premises Tripwire Enterprise assets Ensures configuration and policy controls are applied uniformly in an elastic cloud environment Provides automatic asset synchronization of the AWS Management and Tripwire Enterprise Console Deploys the Tripwire Enterprise Console entirely within the cloud Streamlines cloud-based Tripwire Enterprise agent installation.

The Insider Threat: Detecting Indicators of Human Compromise

Your organization's greatest asset is also its greatest risk. The employees, contractors and trusted business partners you rely on to keep your organization running can also cause it the most damage. A malicious insider can use authorized credentials to do unauthorized things, bring your network down or repeatedly steal data from your organization without being detected. Learn about the Insider Threat Kill Chain—and what you can do to protect your organization from threats from within.

Blue Coat Technology Partner: Tripwire

Tripwire Enterprise together with Blue Coat Security Analytics and Malware Analysis enables a rich unified network to endpoint visibility, providing the ability to detect advanced malware through to swift remediation. For any infected asset, incident response teams can seamlessly pivot between Blue Coat Security Analytics, Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire Log Center to determine the scope of the breach and then take action to isolate, block and remediate any infected devices. Together, Tripwire and Blue Coat reduce the time required to accurately detect and respond to advanced threats.

Tripwire Demo: Protecting Your Infrastructure

Tripwire IP360 with Lumeta IPsonar: Providing Unparalleled Visibility for Vulnerability Management

The Tripwire® IP360™ vulnerability management solution is now integrated with Lumeta’s IPsonar network situational awareness solution. Customers can use Lumeta IPsonar to discover their available network space. It’s open data formats and APIs can deliver discovered network information to Tripwire IP360 for comprehensive host profiling and vulnerability scanning. The combined solution extends the reach of IPsonar’s network discovery with the depth of Tripwire IP360’s device profiling to deliver unparalleled visibility into vulnerability risk across the enterprise. IPsonar can also be used on a scheduled basis to ensure that new network connections or changes in access control are detected, and that active profiling with Tripwire IP360 is properly initiated. Through this integration, IT organizations can achieve improved risk management, security and compliance across the entire enterprise network.

Department of Defense Overview: Integrated Security Controls to Protect Your Organization

Tripwire provides an integrated suite of solutions to help solve security challenges facing organizations within today's Department of Defense. Tripwire tools have been used within government and military organizations in both tactical and non-tactical environments to ensure system hardening through security configuration management, real-time threat detection with continuous monitoring, and data storage and analytics for faster incident response. Tripwire helps reduce cybersecurity risks while maintaining government compliance standards through continuous discovery, profiling, assessment, monitoring and mitigation of their IT infrastructure. Download this solution brief to learn how Tripwire can protect your sensitive IT environment.

Tripwire Enterprise Commander

YOUR CHALLENGE Enterprise environments are looking to automate basic operations in Tripwire Enterprise Need a native command line interface for development of additional automation and integration Need a consistent and reliable way to retrieve information from Tripwire Enterprise OUR SOLUTION Cross-platform, command line interface for Tripwire Enterprise Exposes additional functionality including: Baseline/check/promote Create/delete groups Import/export Link/unlink List objects Construct/run reports Restart agents Search Create/delete tags and tag sets Java-based app YOUR ADVANTAGE Very flexible, allowing unlimited integration and workflow possibilities for Tripwire Enterprise Make changes and/or trigger actions within Tripwire Enterprise such as scanning a host, adding/updating an asset tag, or disabling a node as part of a decommissioning process

Tripwire Enterprise Integration Framework

YOUR CHALLENGE Many complex systems to manage Multiple sources of truth that don’t always match up OUR SOLUTION Automated way for systems to directly integrate and communicate with each other Integrate with Remedy, Service Now, Jira, Cherwell, CA ServiceDesk, and Express YOUR ADVANTAGE Change Management Capture actual details of implemented change Reconcile observed against approved changes Incident Management Get full details of unauthorized changes attached to an incident ticket for investigation CMDB Retrieve attribute/metadata about in-scope assets Automatically apply corresponding asset tags within Tripwire® Enterprise Leverage data harvested direction from the node to update CMDB records and stay aligned Using the Tripwire Enterprise Integration Framework you can easily prioritize, investigate, and remediate suspicious changes.