Technology Alliance Program

The Tripwire Technology Alliance Program supports a rich ecosystem of security technology partners to provide customers with complete solutions for advanced cyber threat protection.

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Featured Partners

Threat Intelligence

Tripwire’s integration with advanced malware analysis partners enables real-time detection, analysis and verification of known, zero-day and advanced threats. The integration with threat intelligence Indicators of Compromise (IOC) providers enables proactive monitoring as well as forensic capability for any previous compromises. This helps customers answer the question, “Have I been compromised—and for how long?”.

Analytics & Siem

Tripwire provides a broad set of critical security controls including security configuration management, vulnerability management, file integrity monitoring and log and event management, to power analytics. You can automatically import this critical security intelligence from Tripwire into analytics tools to visually review and report on system state information on their assets in one single view.

IT Service Management

The integration between Tripwire Enterprise and our ITSM partners creates a workflow for the smooth exchange of system change and security configuration state information with a wide variety of compliance, operations and reporting/analytics solutions. Partners integrate with Tripwire Enterprise so that inventory can be shared with and used within the CMDB.

NERC Alliance

Tripwire's NERC Alliance Network brings together companies who offer high quality energy sector and NERC-focused solutions, services, and technologies. The goal is to automate and simplify NERC CIP compliance and technology challenges in the power and utility industry.

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Network Security

You can’t monitor what you don’t see… But together, Tripwire and its Network Security partners help you discover your available network space, visualize your network topology, check network device configurations for best practice violations, validate end-to-end access routes, import vulnerability scan data to prioritize remediation efforts based on network access context, and continuously monitor and track changes to ensure ongoing compliance.

Identity Management

In today’s multi-perimeter environments you need a solution that helps strengthen compliance and reduce risk by protecting and monitoring user access. The integration between Tripwire solutions and our IAM partners ensures that access privileges are granted according to one interpretation of policy and all individuals and services are properly authenticated, authorized and audited.


By engaging Tripwire, we can remain a nimble company, able to respond quickly to customer needs, while also ensuring security and compliance.

Arthur Taylor, CEO, Benefit Allocation Systems

Compliance and security overlap, but are not the same. Compliance provides standards and procedures for a stable system with security controls, while security identifies and protects from threats and vulnerabilities. We needed a solution that addressed both issues.

Dominick Birolin, Network Engineering & Cyber Security Lead, Essential Power